​Add a feminine touch to your décor

​Add a feminine touch to your décor

With this month celebrating women with Women’s Day, why not add a feminine touch to your décor. Here are 5 easy tips on how to introduce a feminine style to your interior.


We all know what beautiful blooms do to a woman’s heart, so why not have them in your home every day. Fresh blooms will prove to be a costly expense, so opt to splurge on beautiful silk flowers that will last a lifetime.


The quintessential feminine colour, most women enjoy touches of pink whether it be in their wardrobe or as touches in décor. Add splashes of pink in small décor items, artwork or a beautiful pop of pink in a fabric.


Sparkle equals glamour and who wouldn’t want some glamour and drama in their décor.  It adds a bit of fun and a beautiful dimension to any palette.

Feminine textures

Add touches of sumptuous textures to bring warmth and luxuriousness to your interior style. Faux fur throws, mohair blankets or sheepskin rugs.