​Free and easy ways to upgrade your space

​Free and easy ways to upgrade your space


This tip might even make you money! One of the best and easiest ways to transform your space is to subtract rather than add more pieces. So be brutal and throw out the clutter, stand back and marvel at your new found space.


Use art to conceal unwanted wall mess

You can display and hang artwork and picture frames to cover or hide unwanted wall plugs, messy cords or even imperfections in your home. By stacking some books or propping up a large mirror against a wall you can create a much cleaner and trendy façade.


Colour co-ordinate your shelves

A simple way to achieve that “styled” interior look is to colour co-ordinate your accessories on your shelving - even go as far as colour co-ordinating your books.

Drag out your vases

As mentioned before, greenery and blooms can freshen up any space. Grab some vases and fill them with some freshly cut sprigs from the garden. Delicious monster leaves or palm leaves can create large-scale décor for a bare corner.


Display your toiletries and jewellery

Pretty your bathroom spaces up by displaying your essentials. Grab some glass jars, fill them with cotton wool balls, ear buds and a collection of soaps, group these vessels on a surface and voila, practical décor in the bathroom.


Hang your kids’ artwork

I’m sure they have been “nagging” you about why their artwork only ever makes the fridge, but why not frame some of your kids’ artworks and group them on a wall down a blank passageway.

Layer your rugs

Another clever “styled” interior trick is to layer your rugs. Throw a smaller shaped rug over another larger square or rectangle rug. For example, an nguni rug thrown over a large jute rug will create a layered, textured look.

Style your coffee table

Use what you already have - a tray, pile of special books, candle or coasters.


Create a styled drinks area

Choose a bare looking corner of your home and style a “bar” or “drinks” area. Grab some bottles of spirits, group them with some other bottles of wine or champagne, place on a tray with a set of champagne glasses, as well as your bar tools. Accessorise with some glamourous accessories and now you have a designated drinks area.


Mix and match everything

Think out of the box, swop lampshades and lamp bases, move side tables around, re-co-ordinate your scatter cushions, see what works and what doesn’t and soon your home will feel refreshed without spending a buck.