​Freshen up your home in 5 easy steps

​Freshen up your home in 5 easy steps

Like getting a haircut, or going for a manicure to freshen up your look, small changes in and around the house are sometimes worth a lot! It also doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank, just doing a little housekeeping and moving furniture around is a welcome way to give your home a much needed bit of TLC.

1 Flowers and art

 The joys of experiencing a space are instantly enhanced with special elements of art and greens. Houseplants are super trendy again today, after the woeful decline of their popularity in the 80’s. Anything from a group of small succulents to a dramatic big fiddle leaf fig will add a welcome touch of greenery to a room. A fresh bunch of flowers also adds an instant lift to a space if you’re not too committed to the care of plants. Art is a wonderful means of personalizing a space, and changing the position every so often, will immediately make you see your space with new eyes.  

Why not make your own Terrific Terrarium to add some green interest to a room?


2 Accessories

 Look at decorative accessories as a home’s jewellery. These elements are super personal and should compliment the overall appearance of the space. Scatter cushions are happy attributes that can easily be updated with new covers whenever needed and a quirky throw is the perfect seasonal extra to bring in colour and newness. This does not only apply to the bedroom, but the living areas too; and if you can’t afford to spend that little extra, swap the items between your bedrooms and living areas. We support shopping around in your own home.


3 Paint

Paint is the DIY fresher upper of choice. If you’re brave enough, a focal wall will bring a whole lot of wow to a room. If you’re not too keen on the biggie, then opt to paint that old piece of furniture at last. A new jacket offers a new lease on life!
Why not consider painting window frames and doors to enhance your home’s unique sense of character?


4 Furniture swap

Changing up the smaller furniture pieces in your home is a sure way to change the look and style completely. Adding a new occasional chair in the living room or a bold set of dining chairs to the dining table is a sure-fire way to get a your space spruced up in an instant. It may not be the most wallet friendly option but careful planning can make it all worth it.


5 Up high and down below

Changing one major light fitting in a room will change the whole experience of the space. Consider swapping a chandelier to an oversized shade for a centre pendant – it is a fantastic way to create a different kind of drama. Floors are often neglected in décor, but the impact of a bold rug should not be underestimated. Incorporate an interesting pattern or a dash of colour into a room to lift the look from the ground up!
TIP Move rugs around in your house to give a room a whole new look!