​How to dress your windows & doors

​How to dress your windows & doors


Curtains are the most common treatments for window dressing. They provide a softness to your interior as well as warmth. The header of the curtain is where the variety comes in and allows you to customise your curtain to suit you. From simple taped headers, to sleek eyelets, rods and rings, wave tape and more elaborate detailed heading like a pinch pleat.  A couple of important things to remember when selecting your type of curtaining:
  • Place your curtain rail or rods as high up to the ceiling as possible to create height in your room and give the curtain a nice long drop.
  • Make sure the heading you choose compliments the rest of your home’s décor & architectural style.
  • Choosing fabric that is practical and washable is always a definite criteria as well, the simpler the fabric the better, keep the detail & colour for your accessories.
  • Think about separating your lining from your front curtain so you have the option of how much light you let through to your room. It’s always nice to have a soft sheer and a block out on separate tracks in bedrooms.


As with curtains there are many different blind options for your windows & doors.
  • Fabric blinds are a nice alternative to curtaining and can add colour & pattern to small rooms. Roman blinds on smaller windows can create interest as well as functionality.
  • Venetian blinds are an ever popular choice as they are neat and effective. With their 50mm panels that can tilt to completely shut the window or lay horizontally to obstruct your view, or fully pull up, this option is very versatile.
  • Roller blinds have become increasingly popular in the last couple years as they are a very practical solution to more contemporary modern homes. They are a no fuss blind that rolls up into a simple header that is modest and disappears into the frame of a window or door.
  • Mock blinds are a good solution to adding pattern and colour to your window. They are simply a “mock” blind that will sit above your window to give it dressing, it is a non working blind. This is nice to do in kitchens where the height of the fabric won’t get ruined by cooking splashes.


Shutters are a more permanent feature to consider for your window treatments as they are an investment. They can completely transform a home and not only are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they offer many solutions to window & door treatment:
With adjustable louvres, they provide versatility in how much privacy & light you would like to control.
Timber shutters, for interior use add warmth and elegance to any interior. In a variety of wood finishes as well as custom painted finishes to match your interior they will complement any home.
Shutters also come in an option of security shutters that are often used on the exterior as well as interior. These offer safety as well as protection from the elements as they are made from aluminium.
With so many options on window treatments, you are bound to find a solution for you & your home at any TrenDIY store.