​Making your house a home

​Making your house a home

With a new year comes the perfect time to relook at your home. Whether you own your home or are renting, here are some simple tips on how to bring it all together and make your house a home.


The easiest way to make your house a home is to choose a theme, colour palette or overall look and feel to base all décor & furniture on. This ensures that your home has been well thought out by you, and will let your personality shine through. Carry this theme through to as many details of your home as possible.

If calm and clean is what you want to achieve then go for crisp whites, cool shades of greys and some calming accent colours, like duck-egg blue or soft hues of green.
If warm and inviting is what you long for, then think of natural tones as your canvas mixed with warm textures of wood and accented with pops of vibrant colour.

Personal Touch

The best way to make your house a home is to add your personal touch. This can be done through arranging sentimental trinkets on a tray on a coffee table, or grouping together a collection of vases on a counter. An obvious one is to add photographs and artwork, however be creative in how you hang the frames on the wall, or how you arrange them on a shelf. Always play with scale and texture and remember to pair with complimentary décor accessories.