​Updating a Wire Storage Rack

​Updating a Wire Storage Rack

When it comes to storage, functional doesn’t have to mean boring! Wire racks and baskets come in many shapes and sizes and are an economical and easy way to keep your home organised and uncluttered. Wire baskets also make great gift boxes instead of the more traditional wrapped gifts.
A wire storage rack like the one pictured is perfect for use in a nursery or kids bedroom instead of a bedside table. It can also be used in a home office or even outdoors as a herb rack for all your herb pots. In the kitchen they work well to store fruit and veggies or other kitchen essentials.
Whether you have an old one that’s seen better days or are looking to incorporate a plain wire rack into your room’s colour scheme,  we have step-by-step instructions to assist. Painting onto a wire rack is easier using spray paint and ensures that all of the little corners and angles get even coverage.  

What you will need

  • Wire brush & safety goggles
  • Water
  • Cloth
  • 1 x Rust-Oleum can, we used the Painter’s Touch can in Gloss, Palest Pink
  • Drop sheet or cardboard to put underneath the item that you are painting



Step-by-step instructions

  1. To prepare the surface for painting make use of a wire brush (or sanding paper) with safety glasses to remove all loose paint particles as well as rust. <insert image 7516>
  2. Wipe the surface with water and a cloth making sure that it is free of dust and let it dry completely.
  3. Always read the instructions on the paint can or tin before you start using the product.  
  4. Apply the first coat of paint. Never spray downwards when using a spray paint, this way you will avoid getting drops on the surface you are painting. Keep the can in an upright position approximately 25-40 cm away from the surface you want to paint. Apply the paint by spraying back and forth, repeating this motion till the whole surface is covered. <insert image 7514>
  5. Follow the instructions for waiting for the surface to dry on the can. In case of the Rust-Oleum paint you either need to apply the next coat immediately after the first or 48 hours afterwards.
  6. Leave the paint to dry as per the can instructions.


All the items used for this make-over are available from your closest TrenDIY store. There are also experts in-store that will be able to assist with any questions you might have.