2015 Inspiring Home Décor Trends

2015 Inspiring Home Décor Trends

In 2015 we’ve seen the rise and fall of many trends and fads, but there are some that have maintained their popularity in the market.

Natural materials

There has been a consistent increase in the use of natural and eco-friendly materials in home décor from flooring and wall coverings to furniture and accessories. Eco-friendly home decor can easily be incorporated into any home, as natural materials can work with almost any interior style. Renewable materials also insulate heat better too, which makes them even more eco-friendly and desirable. 

As well as being durable and timeless, natural materials are often more environmentally friendly than their heavily manufactured counterparts.

Hints of neon

In moderation, bold neon colours have been used to add a playful and youthful look to many of this year’s top design styles.  These super-bright colours are often teamed with a more muted complementary colour and used to create accents on wallpaper, across furniture and splashed across patterned home accessories.

Warm metallics

A step up from the copper trend in 2014, metallic has been widely used this season. Flashes of copper and gold work well alongside titanium and silver and these shades are popularly used in geometric shapes across furnishings and lighting. Warm metallic highlights are being seen used in tableware, to accessories, adding a fresh and modern vibe to home décor.

Santorini blue

The Santorini blue can instantly add a luxurious feel to your home, infusing it with laid back elegance. This deep and effortlessly decadent colour is being used in a variety of different patterns and textures this year, and is seen paired with crisp, white walls and modern styled pieces.
Get your home on trend by incorporating some of the above colours and styles, complementing them with your own personal styles and preferences.