2019 Kitchen Design Trends

2019 Kitchen Design Trends

We asked Optima Kitchens, our in-store kitchen design specialists, their take on kitchen trends for this year, and this is what they had to say:

Kitchens are continually evolving, and trends in this area are changing at a rate of knots. One of the biggest trends is the increase in the size of kitchens in relation to the rest of the home. The kitchen is becoming the heart of the house as more people are interested in cooking and entertaining at home. Open plan kitchens are opening up onto the dining area, and living areas are becoming far more popular than enclosed kitchens.

As far as colour goes, we see far more dramatic dark kitchens, from pure black through to charcoal and dark grey. This colourway is often broken with copper or other metallic detailing which contrasts beautifully against the darker cabinets. We are also starting to see wood finishes used as well which create an equally dramatic aesthetic.


Raw materials started making an introduction into kitchen design some years back and continue to remain popular. An excellent example of this is the use of concrete for floors and counters. Many companies are now producing veneers and tiles that emulate these raw materials.


Incorporating technology into the kitchen will be a crucial focus for the next few years, controlling your entire kitchen via apps and the development of IoT (The internet of things) is already a reality. Imagine putting your kettle or oven on as you fight your way through traffic to get home.

Marble is once again making a reappearance as is Terrazzo; both these materials saw a decline in popularity over recent years with the rise of sintered stone products. This direction cements the trend towards retro design as well as the need for textured natural surfaces, imperfections add to the aesthetic appeal.


Individualism is probably the most significant overriding trend as consumers continually wanting their unique signatures on products. Consumers will take inspiration from magazines and digital portals like Pinterest but expect their kitchen companies to design something specifically suited to their lifestyle and design tastes.