A bedside table with style

We all hold a place in our hearts for that one place we are most relaxed and happy - our bed! So why not make sure it is the haven you have always dreamed of by adding some styled décor to your bedside table. Make the last thing you see at the end of a hard day and the first thing you see in the morning something to  inspire you!

Bring in some light

By adding a bedside light you create layered lighting in your bedroom which sets a relaxed atmosphere anytime of the day.
  1. Make sure that your globe gives off a comfortable brightness, you don’t want too bright a light that blinds you in the middle of the night.
  2. Choose a lamp that complements your bedroom décor, this is a great way of adding some flair to your bedroom and bringing all your décor together. Don’t be shy of playing with the scale of the lamp and shade, and, when in doubt, go bigger rather than smaller.
  3. Have some fun with the lampshade and choose something that works with your base but adds some texture to your bed décor. Raffia shades complement almost any lamp base and interior.

Add some life

Bring in a vase or vessel that can be used to show off some fragrant freshly picked blooms or a lush aloe.
  1. By adding a living item to your table, you bring the outside in and keep your décor fresh.
  2. If you don’t have a green finger and most of your plants or flowers don’t last a couple days, then opt for a faux plant or flower stems.
  3. If you are not a flower or plant person, then a candle will work wonders as well and help set a relaxed atmosphere before bed.


Now is the fun part, you have chosen your lamp, added some greenery, and now you can add some accessories.
  1. The trick here is to stick to one colour palette or theme to create cohesion with your bedside table décor.
  2. Play with scale and texture, as well as practicality.
  3. By adding a tray or trinket box, you can use it for storing your jewellery or watch before going to bed. By laying your jewellery on a ceramic tray, this becomes a piece of décor if left there for the day.

Layer it up

The most important tip on accessorizing is to make sure it looks effortless and natural.
  1. By adding layers, you create a “collected” feel as opposed to a “placed” feel.
  2. Add layers with your favourite books or magazines, and use your décor accessories on top of that pile to bring the look together.

Something personal

Be sure to include an item of sentimental value.
An artwork or picture frame works well to bring everything together. When a frame is layered behind some objects, like your lamp or a vase, you will achieve a “styled” look.