All that Glitters

All that Glitters

What you’ll need

  • Rust-oleum Glitter Spray Paint (several colours are available)
  • Used tin cans/glass bottles/containers
  • About an hour to spare to be creative

What to do

  1. Clean the containers and dry them thoroughly
  2. Lay out a plastic sheet on your work surface. Spraying items on a plastic surface is easier to manage; paper or newspaper will get soggy and stick to the edges where the container touches the paper. The spray painted item will simply peel off the plastic without paper sticking and gripping to it
  3. Start with a very light first coat of spray paint. Hold the spray paint approximately 15cm (half a ruler length) from the item and spray lightly all around. At first it will look very watery and thin, don’t worry, leave it to dry and spray about three more coats, leaving each to dry completely before applying the next coat
  4. The glitter will become denser with each coat of paint – and depending on the type of surface you will notice how it covers the item; e.g. glass will need more coats than a tin can, which needs less coats.

Good to know

Rust-oleum spray sticks to about ANY surface without a primer, which makes it such a quick, rewarding DIY product to use. 

glitter-spray-gold-3.jpgA glitter sprayed tin can can be used in the kitchen as a utensil holder with a new layer of glam. Other uses for such a little can is a glitzy little plant or flower container or even a nifty make-up brushes holder.

glittterspray-gold-1.jpgThe perfect small little bowl for bonbons with tea! A tuna can turn into a shining candy container.
Cold drink bottles have cute shapes and can easily become dazzling elements to  brighten up a kitchen.