Bathroom Décor Basics

Bathroom Décor Basics

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean it needs any less decorating attention.  A fresh coat of paint, some new tiles and updated accessories can be all it takes to revamp and uplift your existing bathroom.

Make the most of your vertical space with shelving

The bathroom is usually the one room in your home where storage space can be quite a challenge. One suggestion to remedy this is to add floating shelves. They are easy to install, don’t cost a fortune and are useful to keep your counters uncluttered and your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Choose cool and muted colours

For a peaceful and tranquil bathroom, choose cool and muted paint colours to send a soothing message. A room painted in pale blue with grey undertones, for instance, will have a calming effect. Create a spa-like retreat by using moss and sea green colours or earthy shades to convey a serene, tranquil feeling.  Don’t be afraid to introduce bright or bold colour accents using the 60-30-10 rule (60% of a dominant colour 30% of a secondary colour and 10% of an accent colour)

Bathroom Accessories

Add some life and character to your bathroom with a new shower curtain, blinds, bathmat and towels. Use a pot plant or some greenery to bring life to this space. Tip: Spider plants and ferns will all thrive in the warmth and humidity and are almost impossible to kill off.

Mirrors matter

A tall expansive mirror can double the light's impact in a room and make the space appear a lot larger than it is. Make your bathroom brighter and lighter by simply hanging a mirror on the wall – a simple and easy solution!