Become a DIY Diva!

Become a DIY Diva!

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to re-decorate your home, but never quite had the tools or know-how. Free the decorator in you by empowering yourself to pick up that drill or paintbrush and surprise yourself with just how easy (and satisfying) it can be! Take charge of your home and release your inner handy self! Here are some tips for getting in touch with your inner DIY diva.

Free the decorator in you by drawing on some tips, techniques and inspiration for becoming a DIY diva.

Have a vision

Before beginning your DIY project, have a vision of what you want your outcome to be. Research exactly what you will need to tackle this task.  In this way, you won’t be in for any nasty surprises.

Get the right tools

Having a basic toolbox is essential– you wouldn’t try to cook in a kitchen with no crockery or appliances would you? Start small by having a good stock of essentials to get the small decorating and repair jobs done and then work your way up to more advanced tools over time as your confidence grows. Tip: Start with the following basic tools: Gloves, screwdrivers, spirit level, a hammer, hand saw, sand paper, a hand drill, measuring tape, paint brushes and glue.

Start with something easy

The universal starting point for most people when trying their hand with DIY should be painting. The materials are not too expensive and these products (like rollers, brushes, and paint trays) can be reused again and again. Painting is a good entry level project that can also help you determine if you enjoy working with your hands and to judge whether your strengths are in DIY or not. Plus, there's great gratification in painting a room or piece of furniture — a project that you can easily tackle over a weekend!

Know when to call in the professionals:

As a DIY beginner, don’t take on plumbing or electrical tasks on your own.  Any jobs related to electrical, plumbing or building can be dangerous without proper training! Learn how to hang a picture, paint a room or piece of furniture or hang a curtain rod or blind first, building up your confidence for bigger and more technical projects.

Grab your tools and take charge of your living space!  Bring your unique design flair and personality to your decorating projects and turn your house into your home!   Inspire yourself with some of the products in our catalogue below.