Choosing the right Outdoor Lighting

Choosing the right Outdoor Lighting

Choosing the right outdoor lighting not only adds charm and character to a home, but helps to create the right ambience for evening entertaining.

Firstly, you want to ensure that the outdoor light fixtures match the existing decor of your home. This will help create continuity from inside to outside. There are so many varieties of outdoor light fixtures that choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task, however, it's actually quite simple once you understand a few basic decorating rules.

Although the goal is for the lighting to provide enough illumination, it's also key to ensure that the right amount of warmth is achieved, as this will heavily impact the overall mood of the area. To make a statement, it is important to choose the right sized exterior lighting, while keeping in mind the size of your home.


Wall mounted outdoor lights are a good option to start with. A hanging pair of lanterns should be roughly one-fourth of the height of the door. A single lantern can roughly be one-third of the height of the door. When in doubt, rather go larger than smaller. A matching chandelier makes a great impact on a patio.

One has to also take into consideration the energy efficiency of the globes. LED lighting practically halves the amout of energy used by incandescent globes. This allows you to save money whilst stylishly lighting your home!