Colour, Glorious Colour

Colour, Glorious Colour

Playing with colour provides the opportunity to revitalise a room, create a mood or solve design predicaments in your home.  Whether you want to add energy to a dull room or calm a very busy one, here are some tips to get you thinking about different colours to use in your home.

Shades of Grey

Because of its neutral nature, this colour has the potential to both liven and calm a room, depending on how you choose to use it. Play with a dark charcoal tint for dramatic rooms or use a misty grey shade for a more relaxing space full of natural light.

Dramatic Red

There are also many different shades of red, each creating their own visual story. Think blush, cherry, burgundy, rose or cerise – these warm palate options are endless. Make an impact with an incredible accent wall or piece of furniture, or keep things simple with a few textured scatter cushions or throws.

Sunny Yellow

The colour yellow has a unique ability to brighten up a room, or a mood. Accent it with bright blues for a palette that plays off the colour wheel, or tone it down by balancing it with greys or neutral colours or textures. This colour works well in the kitchen – to start, try filling a large glass bowl with bright yellow lemons to achieve this look.

Soothing Green

Green is a fresh, lively and striking colour. Being associated with nature and growth, green has the ability to soothe a busy room or space. If you don’t want to decorate with this colour predominantly, introduce it with some indoor plants and green accessories.

Cool Blue

Bright and striking in some spaces, subdued and soothing in others, blue can have very different effects on a room depending on its temperature. Warm blues, contain hints of red which helps to make a room feel cosier. Warm blues generally work well in social spaces, like the living room, the kitchen, or the dining room. Cool blues have yellow in them which can help a small space look bigger. Cool blues encourage calmness and are ideal for a study or working environment.

Warm blues, contain hints of red which helps to make a room feel cosier.

Clean White

Don’t dismiss white as boring — when used effectively, it can make an incredible statement or can be used as a foundation for other colours to pop. White is useful is you’re looking to achieve a clean modern look.  To add warmth, use it with a variety of other colours and textures.  Surprisingly white is also a colour with a large range too. Tip: White can have many undertones, and can appear different depending on the time of day or lighting conditions.  

Dramatic Black

Although black is often avoided as being too dark, it can be used in the same way as a neutral colour, but with the aim of creating a more dramatic effect.  It is bold, revitalising, and has the power to redirect your focus with the swipe of a paintbrush or placement of a piece of furniture.