Colour POP for a wooden box

Colour POP for a wooden box

Product Review: POP Paint
Time for DIY: 2 - 3 hours
Paint is by far the most popular DIY product on the home-lovers market in South Africa. The choices of craft-enabling brands have been somewhat limited over the years, but the bespoke paint options are growing at an enormous pace. This is thrilling, because I might have found my all time favourite product, ever.
Pop Paint is a new addition to TrenDIY and what a delight. From the branding, packaging, the colour options to the use, each and every point just gets all A plusses.
The paint colours (15 in total) are dazzling, contemporary and fun and it took me a while to select my final colours for this project – I wouldn’t be surprised if avid DIY’ers just stock up on the whole range to play and paint with.

The paint comes in 290mm and 500ml glass pots with screw lids (handy 25mm tester pots are also available and I do think this option might be just perfect when you need small volumes for a project or to get new DIY’ers started without breaking the bank).  Don’t be intimidated by the size, the reach is outstanding. I don’t think this is your massive room overhaul paint option, but it is the perfect match for furniture and décor updates and the paint spreads like a dream. No running or tearing, the consistency and viscosity are near perfect, a happy dance for sure for neat freak painters, of which I’m sorry to say, I’m part of.


When using, it is super easy, dip the brush ever so slightly into the pot and start painting, you’ll see it spreads like a dream, without any surface preparation or primer necessary, and dries pretty quickly, even in winter! The colours remain true to the brand name – brilliant, and pops with a smooth matte finish when dry, it doesn’t resemble chalkiness or muddiness at all. Doing work with tape to create a more graphic design also didn’t cause it to bleed and left a clean neat finish, no cleaning up to do! What a treat.
The brushes (I used two for the whole project) cleaned up in a jiff - with only water. Pop paint does recommend soap, but I didn’t find this necessary at all. Bonus, when the cleaning is so easy you can really get the mileage out of your paint brush.
Colours used for this project