Create a Bedroom Haven

Create a Bedroom Haven

The bedroom is intended to be a place of relaxation and rest. It is your haven – the place where you start and end your day. If your bedroom doesn’t instantly give you a sense of peace and comfort, perhaps it’s time to create a more nurturing space to love and enjoy. Let us inspire you with some tips and ideas.

Be original

Your bedroom is a very personal space, so allow your personality to shine through when decorating it. Why not think of new ways to decorate, using a bit of creativity and some of your own DIY ideas. Hanging lamps next to your bed are a great way to decorate your bedroom in a unique way, for example, without compromising the practicality of bedside lamps. They’re stylish and easy to install yourself.

Avoid matchy-matchy

Matching bedroom sets are a thing of the past. Instead, find pieces that you really love, mixing and matching different colours and textures, adding your own personal touch to your retreat. A combination of different types of wood, coloured scatter cushions or rugs and an eclectic mix of colour, pattern and texture will help to create a space that’s original and interesting.

Try shabby chic

Create an effortless elegance to your bedroom with the very simple-to-achieve shabby chic look. Keep a look out for sophisticated pieces of old furniture and paint or stain them the colour of your choice. The result is an original piece of furniture that will add life and character to your bedroom.

Put up a head board

Instantly add sophistication to your bedroom by putting up a headboard. An old headboard can be revitalised with a covering of new fabric or a basic wooden frame can be used as a starting point.  Paint the inside of the frame using a patterned paint roller to create a beautiful yet inexpensive effect.  For a more simple option, hang a beautiful mirror or framed print above your bed.


You can create a whole new look in your bedroom by simply adding a few accessories. Use a rug to cover old flooring, a throw or scatter cushions to brighten up old bed linen, hang a wall clock or piece of art, or place a beautiful vase of flowers or a plant to bring life and rejuvenation to your bedroom sanctuary.

  Hanging lamps next to your bed are a great way to decorate your bedroom in a unique way, without compromising the practicality of bedside lamps