How to make a Dazzling Headboard

How to make a Dazzling Headboard

What you’ll need

  • 16 mm Supawood cut to size 1350 mm x1000 m
  • Jigsaw
  • Plunger Router
  • Router bits: Ogee Fillet 28.6 mm x 12.7 mm and Beading Bit UPP BB 12.7 mm x 10 mm x 03.0 R
  • Gold paint
  • Foam roller and paint brush
  • 750 mm thick high-density foam cut to size 900 mm x 700 mm
  • Staple gun with 6 mm – 8 mm staples
  • Batting (enough to cover the foam)
  • Fabric (enough to cover the foam)
  • Bronze single strips nail trim with nails
  • Small hammer
  • Mirror plates & screws
  • 2 x 6 mm X 70 mm nail in screws
  • 6 mm masonry drill bit
  • Hammer drill
  • Level

What to do


Foam cutting made easy

If you have thick high density foam at hand, and it isn’t the correct size, an electric breadknife will do the trick. 

How to prepare the wood

  Cutting away the arched corners
  1. Mark 200 mm on either side of the top corners
  2. Take a pencil attached to twine and place it on the corner with the pencil on the 200 mm mark – a bit like a pendulum
  3. Trace an arc between the two markings, while still keeping the twine on the corner
  4. Following the marked line, cut the arched top corners away with the jigsaw.

Edging and router detail

  1. Use a plunge router with an ogee fillet bit to add detail to the edges of the board
  2. Add pattern to the surface of the wood by routering a block pattern into the wood with a beading bit, on either side of where the foam will be placed.


  • If it is difficult to keep control of the router, use a baton fastened and secured in place with clamps as a guide for the router to move against. 

Glam gold

  1. Paint the board with the gold paint
  2. Start with a paint brush for the edges and detail
3. Complete the rest with a foam roller
4. Apply two to three coats, leaving each coat to dry completely before applying the next.

How to do the upholstery

1. Place the foam in the middle of the board, level with its bottom edge
2. Staple the corners down with the staple gun

3. Cover with the batting and the fabric and staple these two layers down very neatly and as close to the edge of the foam as possible.

4. Finish the upholstery by applying the nail strips along the edge of the upholstered block.

How to hang the headboard

1. Attach two mirror plates to the back of the headboard to hang it on the wall
2. Each mirror plate needs to be placed accurately equidistant from the top corners
3. Measure 50 mm inward from the side, then 50 mm down from the top. At this cross point mark the placement and attach the mirror plate to the board
4. Ask a friend or two to help hold the board in its desired spot on the wall

5.  Use a level on the top to ensure it is straight
6. Place the headboard on the wall and mark the corners with a pencil
7. Measure 50 mm inward from the marked pencil lines to allocate the cross point, drill the holes in the wall and insert both the wall plug and screw
8. Hang the board on the wall by placing the mirror plates over the screws


Drilling into a wall without a mess

When drilling into a wall catch the dust with a folded piece of paper taped under the marker where you're going to drill. A envelope can be used too.

Building a Headboard from Razan Alzayani on Vimeo.