Create your own Victorian inspired bathroom

Create your own Victorian inspired bathroom

Victorian bathrooms have a great appeal for homeowners who prefer a lush, romantic and pampered feel for their bath space.

Victorian bathrooms are characterised by the elegant design elements commonly found in the grand homes of the Victorian era.

These can include anything from tufted benches to intricately shaped gold, or silver, finished mirror frames. In general, design for Victorian bathrooms focuses on beauty, elegance and comfort.

One element commonly found in Victorian bathroom designs is the classis porcelain claw foot tub. These tubs have enjoyed a resurgence in many different bathroom styles recently, but they are most at home in the elegance of Victorian design.


Similarly, a pedestal sink, attached to the wall and sitting atop a porcelain or metal base, can be a space-saving and attractive addition to a Victorian bathroom. You'll find Victorian pedestal sinks in round and square styles.


Hardware in Victorian bathrooms tends to be brass or gilt metal; it often features ornate, carved designs of scrolls, flora and fauna. In terms of floor tiles small haxagonal tiles will definitely conjure the intricate flooring of the era.


Finally, cosider fabric shower drapes, in heavy high quality fabric, potentially with fringed or tasselled trims. Upholstered seating and lacy curtains are also popular finishing touches.