Decorating Kids bedrooms 101

Decorating Kids bedrooms 101

Here are a couple tips to remember when considering decorating your kids’ bedrooms.


Always have a blank canvas

By keeping at least 70% of the room as neutral as possible, you will save yourself time and money in the future, when your child has grown up or into another phase in their lives, let’s be honest, kids change their minds often!
So by keeping the floors, walls and most of the furniture neutral, you will only have to update the details in the years to come.


Be Practical

Kids are kids, and they will have their dirty muddy feet on everything and sticky hands touching every surface. So be practical when choosing your finishes. Fabrics and wallpapers are mostly washable these days as technology is advancing all the time. Consider incorporating removable covers into as much soft upholstery as possible so that the covers can be popped into a washing machine weekly. Use paints and varnishes on furniture that also wipe down easily and potentially don’t hold onto pencil crayon marks. Steer clear of too many sharp edges as we all know how much fun it is to jump on your bed.


Choose a theme

Every kid will have their specific character that will reflect a theme to build their room around. Be mindful to try make this theme as adaptable as possible so that it has longevity in the years to come. Build on this theme with a colour scheme, then choose all your finishes and detailing from there. Remember to incorporate some natural elements and textures to ground the room.

Be Thrifty

As mentioned, kids change their mind often so if you don’t want to break the bank redoing your kids bedrooms yearly, become a DIY enthusiast! There are many clever DIY projects to help achieve your kids dream rooms. Think, fun teepees, swinging chairs from the roof or vinyl wall stickers. This won’t break the bank and will be a fun process for you and your family.