Embracing Greywater

Embracing Greywater

Now more than ever we need to embrace greywater and save our fresh water supply.

So, what exactly is greywater? The answer to this is simple:

Greywater is the recycling of bath, shower, basin and laundry water, which can then be used to water gardens, flush toilets, and to clean yards. Kitchen sink water is not recommended as it containts fat content which is harmful to your garden.


Did you know that the average suburban garden accounts for approximately 35% of domestic water consumption? So, by re-using bath and laundry water, homeowners can keep their gardens looking beautiful without using valuable fresh water!


The next step is then to choose the right greywater solution for you. This can be as simple as using a bucket to carry the waste water outside, or having the greywater piped directly outside using a water tank and pump.


Here are a few guidelines to using greywater effectively:

1. Use the greywater within 24 hours
2. Minimise contact with greywater
3. Use non-toxic cleaning products
4. Do not use water from the kitchen or toilet
5. Do not use laundry water that has been used to wash nappies
5. Do not allow pets or children to drink or play in greywater
6. Do not let greywater run into the swimming pool

Green living starts at home!