Get your living area ready for autumn

Get your living area ready for autumn

The transition of summer into autumn is a good excuse to refresh your living area. Bring in some cooler colours and warm textures to create a calming atmosphere.  Here are some easy ways to update and change the interior of your home.

Clear the clutter for a blank canvas

Remove all your décor items from your living area, including any accent pieces. This doesn’t mean you are going to throw them away and replace them with new items, but it will allow you to look at the space with new eyes and take a fresh approach. It will also make you look at your items individually and allow you to come up with great DIY ideas to transform them.

Change the focus

Establish what your focus is in your living area. You will most likely discover it is the TV. Yes, you should arrange your furniture for optimum comfort when watching TV, but when it’s off, it’s as good as a big black “ugly” box that you draw your eye to. Try changing your arrangement and add a new focus other than the TV; a striking artwork, a group of eye catching accessories to the left or right of TV, or a tall focal plant.

Decide on a colour palette

To update your living room in a quick and easy way, and reflect a change of season, is to update your colour scheme. By changing your scatter cushions, accessories and artworks, you will see a dramatic difference. For the autumn season, move away from the punchy summer brights and opt for cooler shades to bring in a more calming interior.


Accessorise and introduce warmth

Now that you have your new arrangement and colour palette, you need to introduce layering in the form of accessories. By adding new textures, like chunky knit throws and woven rugs, you will add warmth to see you through the cooler evenings of autumn and winter.

Connect your space 

Most living areas are open-plan these days, so make sure you carry through your new décor look through to the open plan spaces, like your kitchen or dining room. This can be carried through subtly with lighting, artwork or accessories. Ensure that there is a common thread throughout your living area and you will achieve a seamless, “styled” interior.