Getting your home ready for guests

Getting your home ready for guests

With the holidays just weeks away, soon you will have guests in your home to add to the festivities. Whether they are visiting for lunch; dinner or staying over for a few days, here are some simple tips to get your home spic and span for your guests.

De-Clutter & Clean

First things first, give your home a good spring clean and clear away as much of your personal belongings as you can, that are simply lying around the house, especially in guest bedrooms & bathrooms.
  • Make space in a chest of drawers, cupboards or bathroom cabinets for guests to unpack and feel at home.
  • On the morning of their arrival, open the windows of guest bedrooms & bathrooms to allow fresh air in. Light a scented candle too!


Kit Out

  • Ensure that the bed linen has been washed, ironed and neatly laid on the bed.
  • Layer the bed with throws and extra blankets so guests can make themselves comfortable.
  • Add fresh new towels to the bathroom and be generous - nobody wants only one towel, the bonus is that this creates a luxurious “hotel-like” atmosphere.
  • Refresh and update the accessories, add some fresh blooms or greenery and plump up the cushions. There’s no need to go out and buy new items, simply freshen up with what you already have.

Take the Test

You will never know if your guests will be truly comfortable unless you have tried it out yourself. Spend a night in your guest bedroom and use the guest bathroom as well. You will quickly find out what works and what doesn’t - Is the bed comfortable? Is it too hot? Is there noise? This way you will ensure your guests have everything they need.


Simple Luxuries

Adding simple non-expensive luxuries will add that special touch to their stay. Add a beverage tray in the bedroom - include a water carafe, glasses, coffee mugs, a jar of rusks and a kettle, if you have a spare one. This way they are not in your hair every morning and you can both enjoy your morning lie-in without having to cater to their every need. A little chocolate on the pillow is a lovely touch too!