Go Green at Home

Why invest in expensive electrical air purifiers, when you could get an indoor plant to do just this for FREE? Amazing isn’t it! Here's a list of 8 houseplants that effectively remove unhealthy toxins from the air around us:

1. Areca Palm:
Not only is this plant easy on the eye, it is considered the best performer in removing airborne toxins, as well as releasing moisture into the air to regulate humidity.


2. Peace Lily:
This beautful evergreen plant requires very little water or light to remain healthy, which is why it is a very popular choice of indoor plant. Simply put it in a dark corner, give it water once a week and this little plant will help keep the air around you healthy.


3. Lady Palm:
Also known as the Broadleaf Lady Palm, this is another popular indoor plant to have around your home. They can tolerate low levels of light, high amounts of water and a wide range of temperatures.


4. Gerbera Daisy:
This beautiful flowering plant is becoming an increasingly popular choice of indoor plant. These plants prefer full sun, plenty of water and well-drained soil. 


5. Snake Plant:
This evergreen perennial plant tolerates low light levels and irregular watering. These plants do very well indoors and outdoors and require very little maintenance.


6. Chrysanthemum:
Unlike the Peace Lily, this houseplant loves direct sunlight and a decent amount of water. With proper care, the plant will produce beautiful flowers, which are also useful in cleansing the air.


7. Anthirium:
Also known as the Flamingo Lily, this plant is commonly known for its beautiful flowers. Sadly it isn't the easiest plant to grow indoors.


8. Devil's Ivy:
With evergreen vines and small green heart-shaped leaves marbled with yellowish-white hues, this houseplant is commonly sold in decorative hanging baskets. It is best to keep this plant near a window, although without direct sunlight on it. It is an extremely easy plant to care for, hence its popularity.