Home Décor and Where to Start

Home Décor and Where to Start

When deciding to decorate your home, it can be hard to decide where to start. Home decorating can be a daunting task for many, including many decisions like which style to go for, how much money to spend and where to start. Let us take you through the decorating process focusing on where to start, and getting you equipped to free the interior decorator in you!

Start with what you like and don’t like

It’s important to look at the home or space you are currently in and decide what you do and don’t like about it. Perhaps it’s the layout or the structure you’re concerned about, or maybe it’s the colours or fixtures. Whatever it is, keep focused on correcting the things you don’t like, and repeating the things you do. Keep in mind: If there are things in your home that you don’t like, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace them with brand new items. Use your DIY skills to re-upholster a couch or chair, or repaint a piece of furniture, for example.

What’s your wish list?

Write down everything you would like to redecorate if you had all the money you needed. This can be used as your starting point.  Prioritise this list into short term and long term goals and make a budget for each item.

Get inspired & share with others

By browsing through magazines, websites, blogs or Pinterest, gather a collection of images that reflect the style and look you love. These can be used to inspire, educate and share your home hopes and dreams. Tip: This is not an overnight project. You will need to take your time to compile content, keeping in mind that styles and trends evolve and change regularly.
Don’t keep all your ideas to yourself. Share your vision with friends and family and get tips and advice from them.

All at once or in stages?

If you cannot afford to make all your changes at once, prioritise and do it in batches over time. Perhaps focus on one room at a time as an unfinished area will not contribute to the harmony of your home.  

Work smart

Plan your tasks for the best results.  If you are planning to relocate wall mounted light fittings or pictures, do this before painting so that you don’t have to go back to fill in holes and re-paint.  And if you are having new flooring installed, or existing wood floors sanded and re-sealed, do this after painting so that you don’t get paint drips on your beautiful new flooring.

Whatever it is, keep focused on correcting the things you don’t like, and repeating the things you do