How to Choose the Right Windows for your Home

How to Choose the Right Windows for your Home

The windows you choose for your home depend on a number of factors and both the purpose and impact you want the windows to have should be considered; are you looking to maximise natural light, allow for ventilation, frame a beautiful view or reflect the architectural style of your home?  Keeping all of these considerations in mind, as well as the space you have available will ensure that you make the perfect decision.  Browse the many window styles below to help you to make the right choice.

Double hung windows

These type of windows feature double panes which slide over each other to open.  Because they don’t protrude, they are often used in rooms that are facing porches, patios are other similar spaces.

Awning windows

These windows are typically smaller than other windows, hinged on top opening outwards. As a result they are good for ventilation and suitable for a room like a garage.

Casement windows

Easily recognisable, these windows are hinged at the side and they open outwards, just like a door would. They are practical and versatile.

Single hung windows

In this window type, the bottom moves up while the top is fixed. This type of window is space-efficient and, similar to double hung windows, are suitable for rooms that are facing porches, patios or other similar spaces.

Horizontal sliders

These windows slide left or right and are thus space-efficient and easy to open and close while maximising ventilation. This style is popular for contemporary interiors.

Bay windows

Bay windows are a combination of three window partitions of varying widths. Extending out from the house, they provide architectural interest and maximise light. 

Radius windows

These windows are known for their unique shape, similar to an arch. These windows can either be fixed, to allow light and be more like a feature for aesthetic purposes, or they can be operable, with the ability to open and close.

Picture windows

These windows are fixed and they do not open or close. They are best for areas where you want to let in light or see a beautiful view, but are not ideal for areas which require ventilation.

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows are situated just below the ceiling, allowing wall space to be maximised in rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms where additional storage space is needed.  They provide lots of natural light and give the impression of height to a room by drawing the eye upwards.


Skylights may not be seen as windows, as they are installed on the ceiling. They do however, offer a lot of light in darker rooms and spaces where a window may not be suitable.  eg: bathrooms where wall space is limited and privacy is a consideration,  or in bedrooms where they can be installed above the bed for views of the night sky. 

Both the purpose and impact you want the windows to have should be considered.