How to Make Tile Coasters

Do you worry about your lovely table getting ruined by wet mugs and glasses? Or maybe you just want to add a little something extra to the table that can be both functional and decorative. This simple DIY tile coaster is a perfect way to add just that. 


What you will need:
Tiles; in the size, shape and style of the coaster that you’d like
Thin cork sheets


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start by measuring out the size of your tile and cutting pieces of cork that are a few millimetres smaller than the tile. You will need one piece of cork for each tile.

2. Place adhesive around the edges of the piece of cork and fill in a zig zag in the centre.


3. Gently stick the cork to the tile, position correctly and then press them together firmly. Allow the glue to dry fully before placing them on your precious table, to avoid any unwanted sticking.


It’s that simple! Tile coasters can make for a great gift, as tiles can be selected to match the personality and home décor style of whomever you please.


All the items used for this DIY are available from your closest TrenDIY store. There are also experts in-store who will be able to assist with any questions you might have.