How to Wire a Lamp Switch

Need to add a lamp switch to your lamp, but not sure how? Or is the current switch on your lamp in an awkward position, making you lean out of bed to turn it on or off? Follow these simple instructions to add a new lamp switch to your lamp. If you’re wanting to make your own lamp, you can see how to wire a three pin plug on the end of your electrical wire here

What you will need:
Electrical wire or lamp that needs a new switch
Lamp switch
Craft knife
Small screw driver
Pliers or wire stripper
Step-by-step instructions:
Important: Before you start, make sure that nothing you are working with is plugged in. Never work with any appliances or electricals while they are connected to power.

  1. Decide where you want the lamp switch to be and gently use the craft knife to cut through the outer electrical wire plastic layer. The amount removed should be slightly longer than the distance between the two screws inside the switch. Cut a ring around either end of where you need to remove the outer layer and then cut a line between the two rings to remove it. Try not to penetrate the brown or blue layers.

2. Next, cut through the brown wire and trim out a section about the size of the actual toggle switch.
3. Using the wire stripper, strip about a 1cm piece of the brown layer off each end of the wire. Twist the copper wires together slightly.


4. With the inside screws loosened or removed, insert the exposed copper wires underneath the metal contact in the switch.


5. Screw the inside screws back into the lamp switch, ensuring that the copper wires are making good contact with the screw and metal contact point.


6. Tuck the blue wire snugly down the side of the switch. 


Place the top of the switch back in place and enjoy your new lamp switch.
All the items used for this DIY are available from your closest TrenDIY store. There are also experts in-store who will be able to assist with any questions you might have.