How to choose the right paint for your home

How to choose the right paint for your home

Painting your walls to add some colour may be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of transforming your home. You want to focus on getting the best paint job done, rather than slapping on a couple of coats haphazardly in one afternoon. The key to achieving the best finish is preparation. But before you get started, consider these tips when choosing the best paint product for the job...
There are numerous types of paint out there in the market, including matt, eggshell, enamel, low sheen and satin, to name a few. This can make things quite confusing. It best to select a few basic products to not complicate the exercise of choosing paint.

Enamel paint

Enamel paints achieve a semi-gloss to glossy finish once applied. Although you might be going for a more matt, low sheen finish, enamel has a lot of pros to its ‘glossy’ approach. It is durable and dries to a more harder finish than water-based paints. It handles a more rough treatment and is longer lasting from a wear-and-tear point of view. The downside is the strong smell, long-drying time and clean-up, which will require mineral turpentine.

Satin paint

A satin paint effect will achieve a mid-sheen finish, that is somewhere in between a semi-gloss and matt paint. The satin sheen gives the wall more durability than a matt acrylic paint. This means it is ideal for kids’ rooms and high traffic areas, where you don’t want the ‘glossy’ glow of an enamel paint. The satin allows the walls to be lightly scrubbed and washed down.

Flat, matt paints

These paints are acrylic-based and have little to no shine. This provides a contemporary finish and a sophisticated blank canvas for your walls. This paint is a good choice for less than perfect walls, as its coarse pigments deflect light rather than absorb it, making the imperfections appear less obvious. The downside of matt paint is that dirt and scuff marks will be more visible than your ‘sheen’ paints.


These paints are the shiniest of all and along with semi-gloss paints, they are often used on windows and doors, skirting trims and architraves. This gloss paint will provide a hard-wearing protection and easy-to-clean surfaces, prolonging its longevity.