How to style a shelf

How to style a shelf

Start with a clean slate

Yes, clear everything from your shelf surface and give it a good wipe down. These areas usually collect the most dust, so make sure you are starting with the cleanest surface.

Find a focal piece

Start with a focal piece that will be the theme of your shelf décor.  It is great if this is an item reflects you personally, so that there is relevance to your décor. A beautifully framed photograph, trinket box or sentimental vase.

Add in your layers

Once you have your focal piece, you now need to fill in the gaps with layers.  This is where the restraint plays an important roll.  Don’t over clutter or pile up. The rule of thumb is placing similar items in odd numbers, however pairs of items work really well too. With adding layers, this will help the scale you need on the shelf too, so a pile of books (colour coded adds some extra style) with a small votive on top of the pile. Try placing a large artwork leaning on the wall behind a smaller décor piece to achieve the “layered” look.

Cohesion is key

 The most important tip in achieving that styled look is cohesion! Keep to a colour palette or texture and make sure this is carried through 80% of your décor items.