Light your way to a Beautiful Home

Light your way to a Beautiful Home

Lighting can have a significant impact on the mood of a room, creating a cosy glow or a functional work area. Take a look at the needs of the space as well as the visual effect you want to create when deciding what lighting to use in your home.


Lamps give off a soft lighting to rooms creating warmth and a sense of cosiness. Uplift the look of a room by changing the lamp shade or base; an inexpensive option that can have significant impact. Although commonly used in the bedroom, lamps should not be limited to this space. Try placing a lamp in your kitchen or living area to create a calm or restful environment.

Kitchen work spaces

Although lighting is very important in the kitchen from a functional point of view, you can still be creative with lighting in this space. Hang pendants or bulbs over islands, sinks, and counters to add colour and texture. Put a lamp on your kitchen island to soften the area and make it more inviting.

Traditional vs Modern Light Fixtures

If your decorating style is primarily traditional, light fixtures with more complexity in their shape will work well. Look for shades with brass and crystal, and decorative finishes. To blend lighting with a modern design, choose light fixtures with clean-line shapes and limited detail. Look for light fittings made from steel, chrome, and glass.

Brighten your bedroom

The bedroom offers many opportunities for decorative lighting accents. Be bold and hang a beautiful chandelier or for a more clean look, quaint ceiling-mount light fittings in the centre of the room work well. For night time reading, stylish table lamps or hanging lamps are both functional and trendy and a dressing table or writing desk offers the perfect spot for task lighting.

Bathroom lighting

Lighting is an important function in the bathroom, particularly at the vanity. Try using decorative sconces instead of expected roof lighting. Create a spa style mood of tranquillity or retreat with lighting dimmers.

The bedroom offers many opportunities for decorative lighting accents