Love your Living Room

Love your Living Room

Making your living room feel more like a space you want to live in, can be simpler than you think. If you have the DIY know-how and are willing to put in a little effort you can turn your living room into a spacious multi-functional area, full of potential and possibilities.

Walls and floor:

Get back to basics and start by focusing on the walls and flooring in your living room. Lay down a rug with colours or patterns on the floor, opening the room up and drawing attention to focal points. Give the walls a fresh lick of paint or create one vivid accent wall by painting it in a contrasting colour.

Breathe some life into old furniture

With a splash of imagination and a little paint you can turn your old chairs, drawers and dressers into eye-catching conversation pieces. Try replacing old handles with something new and modern to give your furniture a whole new look.

Lighting matters

Lighting can have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your home. Dimmer switches are great for setting the mood, and giving you just the right amount of light in your home, no matter the time of day or night. Hanging lights can also create an entirely new mood and are easy to install yourself. Or why not make your light fitting a prominent feature of your living room? An ornate, crystal chandelier makes a great statement piece.

Why not splurge on something like a chandelier as a statement piece?