Mexican Inspired Home Decorating

Mexican Inspired Home Decorating

Blossoming from Spanish style is the Mexican Casa, or home as we call it. Bursting with extravagant colours and textures; you can infuse your home with Mexican inspired culture and style, creating a charming, authentic and warm space.

The opposite of tranquil and serene, the Mexican colour palette includes rich and vibrant tones of both warm and cold colours.  Colours such as red, orange, blue and green are some of the colours you can expect to find combined in patterns in a Mexican-styled home.

Talavera, hand-painted tiles with ornate designs, can be used to add character and can be used above a fireplace, the kitchen backsplash, or in a bathroom setting, to dress up a mirror and more.  The Saltillo tile, introduced to Mexico by Spaniards, is a warm, environment-friendly terra-cotta tile flooring option which, in warm climates, works very well in South African homes.

The flooring in a traditional Mexican casa should be natural, hard flooring such as Limestone, clay tiles, ceramic tiles or rustic-style wooden floors. Carpets are rarely used in this style of home, but rugs, displaying bright colours, textures and geometric patterns are used to create warmth and vibrancy. Rich, handcrafted textiles, such as woven or embroidered textiles, are often used in the form of blankets and decorative pillows. Their unique hand crafted style adds warmth to any room.

Wall décor is specific to the Mexican style, where items are displayed on the walls inside homes. Mirrors with ornate frames, decorative plates, paintings or artefacts can also be displayed on the walls and can be used to capture the true essence of Mexican interior design.  Aztec and Mayan inspired ornaments can be displayed on tables and shelves to complete the look.

Carved wooden doors boast Mexican charm, mostly seen in arched doorways. High ceilings and thick walls are characteristic of Mexican style and can be used with wrought iron lighting or chandeliers.
Mexican decorating themes show the influences of Central American styles, as well as ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations.  If you want to bring a touch of spice and colour to your home, the Mexican style could well be for you.

Talavera, hand-painted tiles with ornate designs, can be used to add character to a Mexican styled home