Mixing and Matching Wood Finishes

Variation in colour, pattern, texture, and style is essential to home decorating — it keeps things interesting.  A variety of wooden furniture pieces, collected over the years, tell a story and add texture and character to your home.   Keep mind the few tips below to ensure your wooden furniture pieces and floors work well together.

Go With the Grain

For wooden furniture pieces that have a very unique grain that stands out substantially, it is best to keep this pattern among the other furniture in that room. This will help you keep with the “mood” of the room.  Larger wood grains can seem more casual, while finer grains have a more formal feel.

Take note of the undertones

Wood finishes should complement one another – this doesn’t mean match, it just means that they work well together. The dominant colour of the wood, more than the type of finish, will help you to determine if the furniture will work well together.  Two pieces with very different finishes, but similar warm tones will likely create an interesting but harmonious effect.

Use a Buffer

If the wooden furnishings in your home are quite dissimilar, try adding a buffer between them, so not to emphasise their differences too much. For example, a rug between a wooden piece of furniture and wood floors would work well as a buffer.

Keep it clean

While variation to colours, textures and finishes are encouraged, this should still be kept to a minimum. Having a maximum of 3 different finishes will create character, without being too chaotic.

White is right

Adding white to rooms or areas where there is a lot of wood variations, can have a marvellous affect. White has the ability to break the space up, adding to a cool and calming effect.

Creating the mix and match effect

If you have a lot of wooden furniture that is the same, create character by playing with wood stains and paint techniques to liven up your furniture and create a more contemporary feel.

Variation in colour, pattern, texture, and style is essential to decorating — it keeps things interesting.