New jacket for an old mirror

Product Review

Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matte paint


New jacket for an old mirror

Time for DIY

3 hours

I like the description on the back of the label on Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matte paint. “It transforms and rejuvenates furniture and home décor with a smooth matte finish.”
I bought the tin of Blush Pink paint at TrenDIY in Willowbridge and was keen to try this paint on a décor item. With an old rattan mirror waiting for an update, the blush pink was perfect for the job, and right on trend with Pantone’s colour of the year, of which there are actually two, a light pink and blue.

The wonderful thing of chalk based paint, is its no mess no fuss usability. It is not a chalk board paint – no, it’s not for writing. It is the emulsion that is chalked and water based. As with most chalk paint brands, it promises to take the iffy out of paint preparation, so no sanding of the surface is required for the paint to adhere to whatever you’re painting. It also doesn’t require an undercoat. True!
It is advised the paint is stirred well, not shaken. Mr Bond wouldn’t like it, but it lifts and disperses the emulsion in the tin with a few stirs.
I simply wiped the dust and grime off the mirror and frame, and masked off the mirror area with tape. I used a synthetic brush to paint three light coats on the rattan, back and front of the mirror. It was a fairly warm day, so it dried quickly to a smooth matte finish – true to its promise. The paint (compared to some other chalk brands) was quite runny and watery, so don’t add too much to your brush, rather dip more often and paint light coats. Another need to know, is that this paint is only for interior projects, whereas some other brands boast that it is for indoor or outdoor use.
A suggestion is that the painted item can be distressed with sandpaper to create a unique look – but I preferred to leave the mirror smooth, with its new trendy pink coat.

To remove paint bleed from the mirror I simply sprayed it with Windowlene and wiped it with a cloth.
After painting, I cleaned the brush with soapy water, rinsed it well and left it to dry on a flat surface. Never leave your brush in water.
Share your projects with us – it was fun to get to know this new paint range at TrenDIY. We’ll share other product reviews soon.
Review by Misi Overturf Creative Consultant