Stylish and functional kitchens

Stylish and functional kitchens

More than just a space for cooking & eating, the kitchen is where all the action takes place in a home. Just because it’s the most functional room in the home does not mean it cannot look good too.
Whether you are considering a new kitchen altogether, some minor alterations or a simple update to your kitchen look, here are some tips and ideas on how to add décor to your kitchen.

Practical Layout

Work on the practicality of your kitchen and make sure it is most streamlined as far as where you place your workspace, food storage & cooking hob. Always work with a triangle shape between these 3 areas of your kitchen & you will ensure a good flow in your space.

Finish & Feel

Co-ordinate the finishes of your kitchen with the rest of your home! Keep the wall paint the same as the rest of your home to link them together. Whether you aim for a bright white kitchen or dark charcoals, always choose good quality finishes that have guarantees. Kitchens bear the most wear and tear so having good quality finishes is a very good investment.



We all know how much a kitchen can hold and often we run out of storage space for all those extra kitchen items we accumulate. Be clever with storage by adding some décor at the same time. Add floating shelves to create more storage space. They double up as lovely decorative pieces too!



Display of Accessories

One often forgets to accessorize a kitchen. You don’t need to clutter, but adding a constant décor theme throughout your kitchen area will pull it all together. Stick to a colour or material and repeat it in spaces throughout. Add some vessels of greenery to bring in a natural element. Repetition of regular everyday items such as glass water bottles on a tray will add a “styled” feel to any countertop.