Do you ever feel that you have spent so much time putting your interior together and its almost there but something is missing? Texture is what you are missing! It is an important element in design that can bring a room together.


What do we mean by texture? Its basically adding “feeling” to your space, think soft squishy carpets, raw character filled wooden furniture or sinking into a velvet chair. 

By adding these “textures” to your interior, you add a sensory element that enriches your space.
An easy way to add texture is with your flooring, beautiful wooden floors, porcelain tiles or cement screeds. But if you don’t have the budget to be redoing your floors, then opt for a textured rug. A thick jute rug will suit almost any interior and add a beautiful natural element to your space.


Furniture texture is also important. Think woven wicker or raw wood. Even a metallic metal can add a reflective texture that exudes opulence. 


Accessories are also an easy & affordable way to add texture to your interior. Chunky woven baskets for your pot plant, wooden carvings, bone picture frames and glass to reflect light.