The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

One of the joys of home ownership is having a garden.   A beautiful garden requires a bit of hard work and getting your hands dirty! Get garden ready by taking note of some of the tips below.

Planting beautiful things is normally the place to start, but it doesn’t stop there! Taking care of your new flowers, shrubs and plants requires maintenance and care. To do this you need garden tools, ranging from simple hand tools like a garden fork, to larger tools such a lawn mower.

Once you’ve gotten your hands dirty, don’t forget to make sure that you have the right irrigation system or water devices set up to water your garden. Depending on the size of your garden, this could be a simple hose pipe or a complex automated sprinkler system.   To maintain a green and healthy garden, you need to ensure that it receives enough water, particularly in the dry winter months. Water saving tip: Watering early in the morning or in the evening helps to reduce evaporation by the sun so that more of the water reaches the roots of your plants.

Fertilizer is also essential to feed your garden and should be applied prior to being watered. Tip: Create your own compost bin to reduce the amount of organic waste you throw away, and use this waste (once composted) to feed your garden instead.

Landscaping rocks are great for complementing flowers and shrubs. They can be used in the garden beds as small, medium or large boulders, or alternatively as stepping stones or pathways in and amongst your garden. Fencing can also be used to separate your garden into sections. 

Lastly, Create an outdoor room or patio to enjoy your garden space. This shaded area can be used as an inviting extension to your home, while still connecting you with the outdoors – below are a few tips on how to create an outdoor sanctuary:

Tip 1: Create an escape in your mind:

It sounds simple, but before you begin you need to think about what you want. Will your space be open or closed, will it have lounge or seating type furniture?  Will it be influenced by a particular style such as Japanese Zen or a beach house inspired look?

Tip 2: Comfort and functionality are important

Choose the right furniture that you know will fit your outdoor room, as well as have a functional benefit. Remember, this furniture needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

Tip 3: Factor in the weather: 

When creating your patio, consider the location and weather patterns.  If wind or rain is an issue, consider installing PVC or canvas outdoor blinds that can offer some protection when needed.

Tip 4: Lighting makes the room beautiful:

Even though you are creating an outdoor room, it’s also important to consider this room at night. Will this space be used for guests on summer evenings? If so, make sure you’ve thought about how to light this space.

Tip 5: Plants bring life and serenity to the room.

Even though you may be looking out into your garden, fronds blowing in the breeze or a beautiful pot plant can add so much life and energy to this space. 

Tip 6: Texture adds character.

Being an outdoor area, feel free to mix and match furniture colours and textures. Buy or make your own scatter cushions to add colour and vibrancy, as well as making the space cosy and inviting.

Create an escape in your mind, allowing you to have a vision for what you are about to create.