Transforming your interior with paint

Transforming your interior with paint

Paint is a fun way to bring some colour and life into any room that needs an injection of personality. You can choose to be bold and striking with your paint colour or create a harmonious neutral shade that will showcase the rest of your décor to perfection.

Go bold

Bold colours can really make a statement in a small area and give you the same effect as wallpaper. This is a perfect solution to boring bathrooms or kitchens.


Go neutral

Neutral tones are a great backdrop for any home, shades of white are always a good blank canvas to work with that will show off your furniture pieces and keep your home fresh and breezy.
Be careful when choosing cream paint colours for interiors as they often have a yellow undertone that can show through.  Always test it out first on a big patch of wall.


50 Shades of Grey

Grey is a more contemporary approach to a neutral back drop. Make sure to test your shade of grey beforehand to make sure that it doesn’t come though purple or blue.