Update Your Curtains

Curtains are sometimes considered old fashioned and heavy in your home. Some people shy away from curtains, as they don’t want to clutter the room. Nowadays curtains have taken on a fresh and light look and are a great way to add beautiful texture to a room. Use these tips to update the curtains in your home.
To achieve a light look with your curtains, choose layers. A great, and rather versatile way to achieve this is to add a second layer of curtains that is sheer and light. This acts as a layer that can be used during the day to filter out light and provide a soft texture that can also help with privacy.
Headers of curtains are where one can add detail without getting fussy. Take our cue and play with double pinch pleats that create a beautiful fall of the fabric, or do a fun tie as the curtain header.
If you can’t afford to update your curtains completely, look at modernising them by adding some contemporary accessories. This Perspex disc tie back does just the trick!