Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

By Misi Overturf Photos by Bureaux
 The colder Scandinavian countries have winter inspiration down to a fine art and are at the décor forefront with their less-is-more approach to décor and the improvised use of colour against a mostly neutral background. It is evident they are bold with what they have, for black isn’t a colour to be feared and becomes grand, paired with enough white and calm pastels it oozes a gentle emphasis to highlight beautiful design.
Take cues from those who’ve implemented and lived well with winter’s inspiration and change up the décor by following these helpful guidelines.

Who wouldn’t want WOOD?

This natural element is the perfect partner to add warmth to your home. Beautifully designed furniture, cladding on the walls, décor accessories with wood elements and floors largely all gain if the basis is wood. Filled with texture, grains and so many options in colour this element is the perfect base to create a contemporary home that will have a timeless appeal. TrenDIY has a wonderful array of decorative items, wood-like elements for flooring and ideas to inspire this look in your home. If cladding isn’t your thing, opt for a wallpaper lookalike; it will surely add the look for a fraction of the price.


Delicious Decor

Yes it can be. Delicious. Scrumptious. All the things that give you a warm, cosy feeling can be gained from luscious décor accessories.
This is the season to bulk up on comfortable cushions, soft to the touch, think velvet, linen, wool. Add new covers to the living room couch, the bed and your home. Beautifully made throws add splashes of colour and texture, and alludes warmth in a space. Check out the range of trendy stock that is available in the stores this season.


Casting a delightful look

Lighting is the magic trick in most decorative environments. With days being short and natural lighting less during the colder months, lamps, pendants and the warm glow of meticulously placed lighting in a home, add the perfect finish to the look. Lighting is easy to change up and the perfect way to add your personal touch, be it quirky, contemporary or classic. TrenDIY’s lighting range offers a variety of delightful options in terms of beautifully designed lighting, which will be the perfect winter warmer in your home.


THREE Easy tips to instantly warm your home

 Floor rugs should be layered this season to add warmth from the ground up. Mix and match plain grass rugs with patterns and overlap them in a room.
If a fireplace isn’t your thing a grouping of candles in a beautiful vessel are a sure way to add a gorgeous glow and warmth to your living room.


Dress your windows!

Most of the heat in a home is lost through the windows. Double up on blinds and frame the window with a layer of curtains. It is like dressing up in layers of clothes, the more you have on, the warmer you’ll be! An interior designer at your local TrenDIY is waiting to assist you with the perfect curtain and blinds match for your home.