​Terrific Terrarium

​Terrific Terrarium

The new word on the DIY block is responsible.  Creating with the inclination to add to a sustainable lifestyle.

There is an appreciation for honest materials like wood, glass and concrete for DIY makes, but truth be told, we are surrounded by plastic that can be repurposed. Before sending them off to the recycling dump - nicely shaped juice and smoothie bottles can be upcycled into something special as a gift for a friend or to pretty up a nook around your house.


Use plastic bottles of varying sizes to make a terrarium, which is a glass or plastic box (container) to grow plants. Bottles with simple shapes work best and are easier to cut and lends to a more elegant look.


Clean the bottles, and gently peel the labels off by resting them in warm water. Don’t use any harsh chemical products on the plastic to remove the glue adhesive, it will cause the plastic to go cloudy.


Using a cutting knife cut a rectangular opening into a half of the bottle. Leave a 3cm to 4cm lip at the bottom.



Drill two 6mm holes on opposite sides of the neck of the bottle, using a 6mm tile bit. Thread a 6mm X 50mm brass screw through the holes and attach a brass chain on either side with a bolt to hang the terrarium with.


Fill the bottle with 1cm – 2cm extra fine gravel and plant a combination of succulents or cactii in the bottle to make a special arrangement.